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Intel just announced the "Invest in America Alliance" iniative to lead a $3.5 billion effort to advance US tech and innovation.  The Alliance investment is led by 24 venture capital firms and 17 technology companies (e.g. Intel, Cisco, Dell, eBay, EMC, Google, HP, Microsoft, etc.) to further advancements over the next two years in clean technology, information technology, and biotech.  The Alliance has also created an objective to create 10,500 new jobs for college graduates in the next year.


The reason for doing this, according to Intel CEO Paul Otellini was: "Unfortunately, long-term investments in education, research, digital technology, and human capital have been steadily declining in the U.S. So, too, has the commitment to policies that made us such an entreprenuerial powerhouse for more than a century."


To read the full article from Mashable, you can check it over here:


What do you think of the "Invest in America Alliance" announcement?



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