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A USC engineering team has changed the primary material in solar cells to make them cheaper and more flexible. By using Graphene instead of Silicon the team has cut costs in the creation of these Organic Photovoltaic Cells (OPVs). The new OPVs can be used on clothing or hung as curtains in homes. The OPVs make solar panels even simpler to install anywhere at a cheaper price.

There is a shift in our attitudes toward solar power. Before it used to be thought that solar panels created electricity first, then it was stored, and used at a convenient time. But when we finally see the first jogger run by in a vest spotted with OPV’s they could be charging their iPod or mobile phone right then and there. Graphene solar cells would be particular useful to campers, hikers, or anyone away from urban society. Which market do you think should developers of OPV’s should position their product to?

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