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Video games are not the same as they used to be, because they have become broken down into shorter levels, more milestones, and more content in every level. This is also happening in the workplace. There are fewer end goals, and just a ubiquitous flow of smaller tasks with more tangible results. Every task is assessable and the only goal is to complete the most number of tasks in the shortest amount of time. There is no longer an end goal, a victory of beating the video game or completing one’s workload.


This is very insightful and brings up some interesting points. There is no doubt that dividing tasks into smaller pieces helps it easier to carry each load, but it seems that somewhere in this dividing, videogame developers, decided to shift the focus from the satisfaction of victory to the satisfaction of completing as many minute tasks as possible.


What do you think? When carrying all the little pieces of a project and evaluating each one individually,


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