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Prototypes have recently been created for the futuristic CityCar, a lighter, smaller, and more fuel-efficient automobile, which truly redefines performance handling.  While mass production for the CityCar is yet to occur, the prototypes reveal some impressive design innovations. Each of the four wheels is controlled independently with its own suspension, drive motor, and steering. Lithium ion batteries in the floor provide cooling to each wheel’s motor. Because the car’s substance is in the wheels the center can quite literally fold and make the car compact enough to fit three in a single parking spot.

According to the lab, “the car can rotate on its own axis – they call that an O-turn –can park sideways and do straight-ahead lane changes.” The CityCar’s upgrades over current vehicles include 150mpg, compact fit into parking spaces, revolutionary maneuverability, and ability to incorporate alternative energy solutions. If car manufacturers believe enough in the


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