Income Reengineering: An Evolutionary Solution to Higher Aggregate Standard of Living
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Have you ever wondered how information technology can be applied to significantly increase the standard of living for the masses as we enter the 21st century? Better yet, what if you have an opportunity to make a professional contribution to the solution and build enormous wealth as a result. This and more comes under the banner of Income Reengineering and the associated business processes.

For example, during the industrial revolution, the standard of living for the masses increased significantly as the masses migrated from farms and small craftsman shops to earning a wage in factories. It was a historic increase in the aggregate standard of living. So, if the industrial revolution increased the standard of living for the masses, shouldn't the information revolution usher in a corresponding standard of living for the masses? So far, many are experiencing a decrease in their standard of living as a result of information technology applications (i.e. job outsourcing, decreasing job security, etc)..

The answer is Income Reengineering. Income Reengineering principles and processes will ignite the next large scale, massive and historic standard of living increase as we enter and engage the global information age. The results will rival the industrial revolution in scope. 


To learn more about Income Reengineering, visit www.incomereengineering.com.


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